London is beautiful and I absolutely love this city but whenever I get a chance I like to escape the city rush and explore other beautiful places England has to offer.

This doesn’t happen very often as recently I have been working quite a bit on Saturdays. If I am working on a Saturday then I like to use my Sunday just to relax, do a few things at home and simply be lazy. However, I will not be working for the next three Saturdays so watch this space – who knows where I’ll be going to next!

This weekend we have decided to go to Oxford which is just one hour outside of London. My boyfriend has been there before and told me beforehand that I will fall in love with it and he was right. The city is jaw-dropping gorgeous! I could stroll around the beautiful streets for hours, there’s something to discover and admire round every corner.

One thing that had to happen whilst we were in Oxford was the Harry Potter tour. I am the biggest Potterhead and it was so exciting to visit the filming locations from the movies. I took as many pictures as I could – apologies for the quality of some, I am not the best photographer but I did my best!

This is the library where Hermione told Ron and Harry about who Nicholas Flamel was. And most of the Hogwarts library scenes were shot here. Unfortunately we couldn’t go inside as you need to be a student to access it.

Remember the room where Professor McGonagall was teaching the Gryffindors how to dance? It was shot here! They also used the room above as Hospital Wing.

This is where Mad-Eye Moody turned Malfoy into a ferret before McGonagall told him off.

After the tour we walked a bit more around the city and finally went to see the Christ Church’s Cathedral and the dining hall which were absolutely spectacular.

 This dining hall and the paintings were JK Rowling’s inspiration for the Great Hall at Hogwarts.

After all this walking we felt a little peckish so we stopped for a quick lunch and cocktails at a Thai place. We didn’t do any research on the restaurant and although it satisfied our hunger, I don’t think I’d go back there. We enjoyed the food but it wasn’t the best thai place I’ve been to.

Rested and fed we have decided to make our way back to London as it started raining as we walked out of the restaurant. All too soon in my opinion but I promise I will be back! 🙂


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Why do we settle for less than we deserve?

Good morning 🙂

Woke up feeling so sick today, can’t wait for the weekend! :S

When I was in Tenerife I met a 45 year old man who was there organizing a stag for his nephew. This was a man who has been happily married for many years. I had a conversation with about relationships which really opened my eyes to something. He asked me why nowadays young people settle for partners who they know are not good for them for the sake of being in a relationship.
This made me think as I know many people who are miserable in their relationships but still stand by their partner. Why are we ok with this? Why do we remain in less-than-satisfying relationships with people who we know are not good for us? Why do we cling onto something which is less than we deserve.
I had a conversation about this with a few of my friends and these are the reasons I came up with.

  1. Fear of being alone

There are people who can’t stand being alone. The idea of doing the things they’re used to doing with their partner alone petrifies them. We are dependent on the other person and going shopping alone makes us feel anxious.

fear of being alone

  1. You want to change your partner

We all like a challenge. I’ve done this far too many times. You are in love and you want it to work, but if you have a list of things you’d like to fix about your partner it might be time to move on.

  1. Loss of security

We’re scared of the unknown and a relationship brings stability and security.

  1. Fear of dating again…

… and being afraid there’s no one better out there.

  1. Breakup

Sometime we’re not happy, but we don’t want to hurt the other person. Every excuse is good and we end up postponing it and hoping for the best. The truth is, there is never a good time to break up.

Ending a long-lasting relationship is something that requires a lot of courage, but letting go means putting yourself and your happiness first. It means finding the joy and happiness we all crave.
Many people are in relationships, but their partner has no idea how you actually feel. Maybe it’s worth taking a stand for yourself, speaking to them and telling them what you really want?
We are all worthy of happiness and life is too short to be miserable!
Do you agree on the above? Have you ever been in such a relationship?

wrong people, right things



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Morning rituals. Ideas on how to start your day right.

Good morning Everyone,

Let me start by saying that despite the title of this post, I am definitely NOT a morning person. I have learnt though that the way you start your day has a huge effect on the rest of the day.

I’m sure most of you are guilty of waking up with lots of plans and theoretically nothing in the way to realize them. However, time passes and at the end of the day we realize that the only thing we actually did do is stalk Gigi Hadid’s Instagram feed all day. ( soooo guilty!)
A properly organized morning, helps to start the day positively and avoid wasting time. I have certain morning rituals which help me to avoid lack of productivity. It is not easy and it is a small battle I have to fight every morning. Today, I’d like to tell you a few words about a routine which I started implementing a few weeks ago and it works very well for me.

1. Make plans the day before

If you can get something ready for the following day – do it! I try to go to the gym at least 3 times during the week. To not waste time in the morning I get my work clothes and gym bag ready the day before. Whatever it is, it will certainly save you time the following morning. The less things you have to do in the morning, the better.
I also make a list of things I want to do the following day and a timeframe of how long each of the things will take me to complete. Time management is very important because you don’t want to give yourself a list of 10 things to do and end up doing 3 because you ran out of time. A list also helps you prioritize.

to do list 2


2. Happy thoughts

I struggle with this part of my routine the most but it’s certainly worth trying. Instead of starting the day with “fuuuu*k not again” try to think of a positive thing that’ll happen that day. Maybe you’ll be having lunch with your best friend? Maybe a new episode of Game of Thrones comes out today? Maybe your favourite football team is playing a game tonight?
There are many little things which can improve your morning mood. 🙂

3. Sleep

Bad mood doesn’t just come from nowhere. Some people say you need at least 6 hours of sleep and some people say you need 8. I only need 6 but I believe this is personal and depends on your body. Make sure you have enough sleep, how many hours it may be, to help your body fully recover from the previous day and wake up full of energy otherwise your concentration will suffer.

4. Exercise

No, I don’t mean going to the gym every morning because only very few of us have time for that. Try to do 10 squats, sit-ups or push-ups. I try to go to the gym before work 3 times a week. Otherwise, I do a couple of sit-ups before I get dressed. Boost those endorphins and smile at strangers! 🙂

5. Music

Huuuuge part of my morning routine. I’ve actually got a morning playlist on my phone. There are a few songs which just make me want to get up and dance so staying in bed is not an option.
A song which is recently my favourite is Better Place by Rachel Platten.
For some reason it makes me feel positive, beautiful and full of energy! Hope you like it.


6. Find a drink which will give you an energy boost.

Only a few months ago I thought I wouldn’t be able to start my day without coffee. Once I realised I was drinking 3 coffees a day I decided I needed a substitute and I needed it now! I then started drinking water with lemon and let me tell you, I am never going back. It’s not only a huge energy boost, it helps to increase your metabolic rate and it’s better for your skin. Green tea would work well as well, but I know coffee is usually the first choice for most of you and there’s nothing wrong with that. Whatever floats your boat. 🙂



Not all the above will work for you, you need to create your own routine which will mean trying many different things and picking the ones that work for you. Once you find it, I guarantee it will be worth it!
I love reading about other people’s rituals and I always look for new things which may work for me.
If you have a morning routine that works, I’d love to hear about it! 🙂

And remember…



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Well deserved break

Good morning All,

I’m back at work sipping coffee reminiscing about my week in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife.

For the first time in a long time I went away for a 6 day long holiday which had nothing to do with work or sorting something out. 6 days of pure laziness, enjoying the sun, the food, the people and nature.

It started off as a disaster. I was supposed to go with a friend of mine who turned out to be not the great friend I thought he was ( men, eh?). So I had plane tickets, hotel booked and room for one more person. Thankfully, my sister was more than happy to join me. Unfortunately, she had an accident 2 days before the flight so we weren’t even sure if she would be allowed to go. She was and let me tell you… we had the perfect week!

I’ve been to Spain several times before, but never to the Canary Islands. I could go on and on about how amazing it was but we don’t have time for this so I will write a short summary of the key points.

Weather – 23° every day, sunny but windy. First thing in the morning, it may seem like the wind is a bit much, but trust me, around 1 pm you’ll be thankful for it. Be careful with the sun – even if it’s a little cloudy in the morning the sun is still strong. I got really sunburnt myself (pictures below) on the first day! :S We had one cloudy and very windy day, but it was fine for going for a walk to the city centre.
Food – Exquisite! We went for the all inclusive option but ate out several times. I’m a huge fan of seafood so I was in my own little heaven. Anyone who enjoys fish and seafood surely won’t complain. I could eat their paella every day!
Hotel – Decent. We stayed at the 4* Hotel Troya. Moments away from the beach, extremely friendly staff, big rooms and amazing room service. There are also many little restaurants, shops and a really fancy beach club close by. Would definitely recommend!

All in all, we had a magical week away and I will definitely go back. Due to my sister’s accident, we didn’t get to go to Siam Park – the best water park in the world according to Tripadvisor.
If you’ve ever been to Tenerife and loved it as much as I did then let me know in the comments!
Need to plan my new trip to have something to look forward to so if you have any recommendations, let me know.



(apologies for the quality of the pics but I took all of them with my phone :S)




pool chill

Sunsets were amazing…

sunset hotel 2

sunset hotel

beach sunset

Teide – highest peak in Spain!


El Teide

Beach club!

I had to take a few shameless selfies (sorry!) 😀

selfie1 selfie3

selfie 2

good night

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Girl online. Hello and welcome. :)


I have been thinking about this for a long time and  am so excited to finally be back and running!
As some of you may know I used to have a blog under a different name but I decided to start this one from scratch.

Blogging has always been my hobby and I’ve always been very passionate about sharing experiences. We can learn so much from one another and inspire each other so please get involved!

I will do my best to post as often as can and I will be writing about everything. I might record an occasional video for you guys (although I haven’t got the hang of the technical side of things in terms of videos just yet :S).

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I really hope you enjoy my new blog.



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