Valentine’s weekend in Budapest


Can you believe it’s already March? Time is flying! How are you? Did you do anything special for yourself or for your loved one on Valentine’s Day?

This year I surprised my boyfriend with a trip to Budapest. I only told him at dinner the day before we were flying so we stayed up late packing and getting ready. I have been to Budapest a few years ago, but this time it was a very different experience for me. I don’t think you really take in and appreciate the beauty of the places you visit when you’re younger. This time it had a completely affect on me.

We flew out on Valentine’s Day (Thursday) and stayed until Sunday. It will be impossible to include everything I want to share with you in 1 post so I will divide it into days.

Here’s the breakdown of day 1 🙂

Our flight was slightly delayed so we arrived at Ferenc Liszt airport around 12.30pm. The flight was fine, but even so, I still had a little anxiety attack in the beginning. I hate that! Anyway, we landed in sunny Budapest and bought our 72 passes and an airport shuttle bus ticket. Be careful as the shuttle bus ticket from the airport doesn’t honour the 72h pass, but you can use any transport link when you’re in the city so it’s still worth the money!

We arrived at out hotel, but our room wasn’t quite ready yet so we decided to go and have some traditional Hungarian lunch. I did some research before we left and found a place called Matula Bistro. They serve traditional Hungarian food and they had very good reviews. We just about missed the lunch deal, but nevertheless the food was very affordable. My boyfriend ordered Goulash soup for a starter and a chef’s special for the main. There were a few vegetarian options and I decided to go for mushroom and cheese bites and a cucumber salad. I must say… my boyfriends food looked much better than mine. I don’t think the food I ordered was very traditional…

Try lemonade when you’re there! It’s nothing like the one you get in London (aka Sprite with lemon) it’s fresh and delicious!
Hungarian goulash soup
All the soups are served with bread just like in Poland 🙂
Cucumber salad – not my favourite! The cucumbers were drowning in vinegar.
The mushroom and cheese bites I ordered. The smaller ones on the top are made of potatoes.
Chef’s special with a huuuge plate of fries
Getting ready to eat all of the food

After lunch we went back to the hotel to unpack and rest a bit after the journey. Our hotel and room was beautiful! It was more like a studio as we had our own little kitchenette. When we unpacked and laid down on our king-size bed, we both passed out. We regretted that later on but it was very much needed! I pre-booked a night cruise down the Danube river so we got up just about on time for that. When we arrived, we sat down, we were given our drink of choice and enjoyed the view. It was breathtaking. Everything was wonderfully lit up and I couldn’t stop thinking how lucky people in Budapest are that they get to see this every day. We learned a bit about the history and managed to get a sense of where the things we wanted to visit were.

Wine – our drink of choice 🙂
View of the parliament from the Danube river

After the cruise, we decided to skip the bus/ metro and to walk back to the hotel. It was a bit chilly by then, but not too cold for the walk to be unpleasant. We popped into a shop on our way back to get some dinner and returned to our hotel.

This was the end of day one. Hope you enjoyed this. 🙂


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Well deserved break

Good morning All,

I’m back at work sipping coffee reminiscing about my week in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife.

For the first time in a long time I went away for a 6 day long holiday which had nothing to do with work or sorting something out. 6 days of pure laziness, enjoying the sun, the food, the people and nature.

It started off as a disaster. I was supposed to go with a friend of mine who turned out to be not the great friend I thought he was ( men, eh?). So I had plane tickets, hotel booked and room for one more person. Thankfully, my sister was more than happy to join me. Unfortunately, she had an accident 2 days before the flight so we weren’t even sure if she would be allowed to go. She was and let me tell you… we had the perfect week!

I’ve been to Spain several times before, but never to the Canary Islands. I could go on and on about how amazing it was but we don’t have time for this so I will write a short summary of the key points.

Weather – 23° every day, sunny but windy. First thing in the morning, it may seem like the wind is a bit much, but trust me, around 1 pm you’ll be thankful for it. Be careful with the sun – even if it’s a little cloudy in the morning the sun is still strong. I got really sunburnt myself (pictures below) on the first day! :S We had one cloudy and very windy day, but it was fine for going for a walk to the city centre.
Food – Exquisite! We went for the all inclusive option but ate out several times. I’m a huge fan of seafood so I was in my own little heaven. Anyone who enjoys fish and seafood surely won’t complain. I could eat their paella every day!
Hotel – Decent. We stayed at the 4* Hotel Troya. Moments away from the beach, extremely friendly staff, big rooms and amazing room service. There are also many little restaurants, shops and a really fancy beach club close by. Would definitely recommend!

All in all, we had a magical week away and I will definitely go back. Due to my sister’s accident, we didn’t get to go to Siam Park – the best water park in the world according to Tripadvisor.
If you’ve ever been to Tenerife and loved it as much as I did then let me know in the comments!
Need to plan my new trip to have something to look forward to so if you have any recommendations, let me know.



(apologies for the quality of the pics but I took all of them with my phone :S)




pool chill

Sunsets were amazing…

sunset hotel 2

sunset hotel

beach sunset

Teide – highest peak in Spain!


El Teide

Beach club!

I had to take a few shameless selfies (sorry!) 😀

selfie1 selfie3

selfie 2

good night

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