birth story

Birth story 2.0

Hi guys! I am so excited to write this post. I am sitting on the sofa with Lucas playing with his stacking cups (his favourite toy at the moment) and Luna is peacefully sleeping next to me without a care in the world. So, for those of you who missed all my Instagram spam, I am now a proud mum of 2. Our baby girl arrived 6 weeks ago on the 18th May and she’s perfect.

Now, my birth story… If you have read my previous birth story with Lucas, this one will be nothing like it. Towards the last weeks of my pregnancy, I was getting increasingly frustrated. I could not wait to have the baby. Not only because I couldn’t wait to meet her, but things were starting to feel very uncomfortable. I wasn’t sleeping very well and my back was killing me. Oh, and I was looking after a toddler all day, every day throughout my pregnancy so I felt like at that point my body has finally had enough.

Luna was a big baby compared to her brother which has not helped things either. I was desperate to speed up the process and I must’ve tried all old wives’ tales known to man to induce labour. However, this girl was not planning on coming early. On my due date I felt so miserable. I had a scheduled appointment with my midwife that day, who told me that I wouldn’t be induced until 10 days after the due date. And trust me when I say, 10 days when you’re 9 months pregnant seems like an eternity.

I went to bed early that day and as I was reading, I suddenly felt a contraction. I didn’t think anything of it because this has been happening to me before, but only went on for an hour or so. Convinced, they were Braxton hicks, I carried on as normal. As I kept reading I felt like the contractions were more regular than usual. I decided to time them and they were roughly 8 minutes apart. As they weren’t bothering me too much, I decided to go to sleep as that’s when they usually went away. Well, that didn’t go very well, as I felt like they were getting stronger and stronger. After an hour I timed them and found they were 5 minutes apart. Then I thought, ok… we’re having a baby!

birth story
Trying to cope with the pain with gas and air while making sure the baby is happy

I called the hospital, woke up my boyfriend, called my friends who were supposed to watch Lucas and started getting ready. My bag was packed so I had only had to grab a few bits and pieces and we could be on our way. At this point I was in quite a bit of pain so I just wanted to get to the hospital. Before we left I went to the bathroom and realised I lost my mucus plug.

birth story

As I’d not gone into labour with Lucas naturally I was really hoping they wouldn’t turn us back at the hospital saying that I’m not dilating yet. When we arrived, all midwives were busy so I had to wait to be seen for about 30 minutes. My boyfriend wasn’t allowed in. When the midwives came to see me they told me that the good news was that I wasn’t going back home as I was already 7cm dilated (!!!). The offered me a room with a pool, but I had only 1 word for them. EPIDURAL.


They then moved us to our room, and I was grateful that I could finally change into pjs and get into bed. Then, it was time for the epidural. It wasn’t the most pleasant thing ever. A needle goes in your spine and you have to sit completely still while they put it in, which isn’t an easy thing to do when you have contractions every 3 minutes. It is so worth it though. I could finally relax and get some rest before it was time to push as the contractions were barely noticeable. Epidural is my new favourite thing and if I was ever in labour again, I would definitely ask for it.

birth story
Finally resting after I got my epidural
birth story
I wasn’t the only one catching up on sleep 🙂

I was fully dilated around 8 am but my midwives told me we had to wait an hour before I could push so that the epidural wears off. They asked me if I wanted to do a ‘trial push’ so they could see if I was doing it right. Here in England, they only allow you to push for an hour. Afterwards, they look into other options. This is where the epidural made the biggest difference. I wasn’t in ridiculous amount of pain so I felt that I had control over my body. I gave it a go and my midwives said that the baby was moving and asked me if I wanted to skip the wait and they would direct me when to push. At that point I just wanted to meet her and hold her so I agreed and… 15 minutes later our little Luna was born.

birth story
birth story

Well, “little”. She was a whole kg bigger than Lucas when he was born. He weighed 2,6kg and she weighed 3,5 kg (!!!). Once again, thank you epidural. And my midwives, they were amazing and kept me laughing throughout the whole process.

I left the hospital the very same day. I felt fine and I couldn’t wait to be home, to see my son, to sleep in my bed and to begin a new chapter with my family as a family of four.

That’ll be all for today. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or message me on Instagram / Facebook.



birth story
birth story
On our way home
Dad of 2. My beautiful family. Still pinching myself.

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