2 month baby update karolinad.com

2 month baby update


I can’t believe our little Luna is 2 months old already. She is getting bigger by the day and seems to learn new things every day. She started cooing which is basically “talking” in baby language, we’ve seen glimpses of her pretty smile, she has already gained a lot of strength in her neck and she’s kicking her feet like she wants to crawl. Her personality is finally starting to show which is so exciting.  I’m so proud of her, but also don’t want her to grow this fast. This newborn stage passes so quickly and the moments are fleeting. 🙁

2 month old baby karolinad.com blog

She eats very well, much better that Lucas did, so breastfeeding has been going much smoother than it did with Lucas. She eats every 2-3h during the day, but after she goes to sleep, around 8.30pm, she will sleep all the way until 5am. It’s great because it gives me time to recover before it all starts again. I breastfeed her exclusively, but if we go out, I pump and give her the milk in a bottle which makes no difference to her at all. She is such a calm and good baby, she only really fusses if she’s hungry and sometimes when she has a wet nappy.

Recently we had her 2 month check-up and she also got her vaccines. I hate those appointments because they cry and look so miserable and sad. It breaks my heart. We also took her measurements, she now weighs 4.99kg and is 59cm long. She has gained 1.4kg since birth and has grown 7cm. She has already grown out of newborn clothes so we’re now using the 0-3months. It’s crazy to me because Lucas was so much smaller, it took him like 3/4months to grow out of newborn size. She’s definitely a big girl!

2 month baby update karolinad.com

Life as a mum of 2 is going well, although there are some tough days. But I keep reminding myself to enjoy every minute of it because I know that a few months down the line I will miss this all so much. I still pinch myself a couple of times a day that we have 2 beautiful, healthy babies and that they are all ours.

Next week I will give you a glimpse of what my daily life with 2 under 2 looks like so keep popping over here if you’re interested.



2 month baby update karolinad.com

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