Who am I.

Hi there! I was thinking long and hard what to say here as I’m sure you’ll get to know me through my posts but I thought I’d give you a quick introduction and tell you a few words about myself and this blog. I’m Karolina, a 27 year old girl from Poland who has moved to London just over four years ago and has been enjoying every minute of living here since. During the day I’m a serious estate agent and I feel very lucky because I actually really like my job. I spend my free time on cooking, reading in parks, watching way too many TV shows, shopping, having fun with my friends, travelling, laying on the beach, meeting new people and occasionally working out. I decided to start this blog to write about all the things I love and share my views on the things which I feel passionate about. I’m so excited to start this new blogging adventure and I’d love it if you joined me on it! I can’t think of anything else to tell you about me so just sit back, relax, grab a cuppa and enjoy my blog! Love, K.


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